Venus Versus Mars

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are currently campaigning together, and so, in the United States, the debate involving women and their genetic abilities to hold positions of power has intensified and has sadly morphed into a plangent shouting match between distaff eloquence and the testosterone aggression of atavistic barbarity; of course, many other nations on our planet have already evolved beyond such a puerile debate, but the truth is that women make better leaders then men because they can not only take a life as effectively as any male—it’s not physically challenging to push a button that launches and then guides a drone to destroy a target or to pull a trigger of a weapon whose only reason for existence is the mass murder of humanity—but women can also manifest life from within, which man cannot. One may argue, ineffectively, that the male’s production of sperm is needed to create another human and is thereby as important to the process of biological creation as his female counterpart. Gallant effort… but pointless.

There is already so much sperm saved within encrypted vaults of cryobanks throughout the world that the population of China could easily be matched—cryobanks are specialized places for storage that use very low temperatures to preserve semen or transplantable tissue. This ready availability of semen along with the scientific process of biogenetics make male participation in the creation of human biology literally unnecessary. (A man will willingly donate his seed to most any project and therein help with the continual supple of the biological commodity.) And test tube babies are no longer science fiction. Maybe that is why, in the Catholic tradition, God only needs the virgin Mary to actually gestate the couple’s demigod son Jesus… and Joseph is merely a silent witness. Not even God needs a man to create life, but Mary, a woman, is indispensable.

To quote Alice Cooper, “Only women bleed.”

I’m not trying to shock and awe my readers by employing crass rhetoric. The reference to menstruation is not pejorative; menstruation is a uterine-cleansing purge of sanguine nutrition, a prenatal recipe for a possible embryo after a reproductive egg goes unfertilized. It’s really the cycle of life that the male only understands as… well, ineffable and thereby worthy of total expunging from his thought process. Menstruation can be messy and a bit embarrassing; however, menstruation is also a source of humility for the female, an uncomfortable, mood-altering, uncontrollable biological response to Life, and as such, it becomes an accepted badge of courage and strength. Men are uncomfortable with the feminine discharge of blood and tissue and thereby mock it, unconsciously turning it into a misguided source of masculine pride simply because men errantly believe that they’ve been blessed by unknown forces to NOT have to deal with it, and they don’t… happily. Women can also endure more pain than man. If the male of our species could give birth, abortion would not only be legal, it would become another testosterone-encouraged game, a Y-chromosome bonding yet superfluous sign of masculinity akin to belching and farting with effective vociferous abrasiveness.

I’ve heard more than one male callously comment that even bad sex is good sex. Some of these automatons believe that, during a rape, a woman should merely relax and enjoy the sex. This, unconscionably, connotes that, to a man who casually jokes about such a sensitive subject, sex is merely a very pleasurable act with little emotional commitment; obviously, this is male privilege… some men primarily focus on egocentric gratification even when it can bring irreparable emotional damage to someone else. I’m pretty sure that these puerile thoughts about rape’s being a serendipitous opportunity for unexpected yet very pleasurable explosive orgasmic climax would transmogrify into the true horror that rape is if the roles were reversed. Imagine one of these single-minded rape-sanctioning fools finding himself in a smelly abandoned warehouse with an overweight, pungent octogenarian male, possibly of eastern origin or of a misunderstood non-Christian religion or of a race that possesses melanitic epidermal pigments and who is in possession of a case of Viagra, a bucket full of viscous petroleum-based unguent, and a six-pack of 5-hour energy drinks. Suddenly, the aesthetically impaired, throbbing mutant stands erect and ready to penetrate the cowering egocentric’s personal space with violent, thrusting aggression. Any woman on the planet would lovingly advise the victim to merely relax and enjoy the sex. Doesn’t seem nearly as desirous when masculine privilege is so violently violated; does it?

Women nurture and discipline, looking for the best in others but then effectively dealing with adversity when confronted whereas men look for an advantage and manipulate accordingly. This can be effectively corroborated by visual verification when a very wealthy although emaciated, doddering and edentulous, pasty-white, balding, corpulent, octogenarian codger marries a twenty-eight year-old supermodel from eastern Europe. Of course, many middle-aged yet far less ludicrously wealthy men act in similar fashion when they purchase that lustrous red Corvette and manipulate ingenues and nuptial prostitutes into meaningless carnal affairs. (A nuptial prostitute is any women who enters into a contractually-bound monogamous relationship for the monetary rewards… a trophy wife.) I know of a very shallow man, militant and morally annoying, a brazen hypocrite who abandoned a goddess for a pulchritudinous yet empty, giggling, jiggly biological receptacle for his seminal disinterest, simply put, this insecure man abandoned a beautiful, mature, intellectual, and funny woman with glowing patina for a warmblooded cavity into which he could insert his misguided tumescent energy. Although a man can be noble, it is easier for him to acquiesce to his egocentric urges, to struggle in an intimate relationship, fail, then sequaciously request pardon from his victim… uh, I mean from his partner… it is much easier to request forgiveness from his professed lover than to act responsibly even though duty and responsibility should never be temporary.

I am not suggesting that women are completely nurturing; there are always polar extremes within any debate. One need only google Susan Smith to find an example of emotionally stagnant motherhood. I am, however, connoting that a vast majority of women are biologically equipped with nurturing instincts whereas men were innately armed with protective, militant, reactive aggression. Men wonder, awestruck, at creation. They can only take lives and have proven to be very good at it. Men are quick to war, yet, in recent history, the men who declare war send their warriors, with whom they share no emotional connection, to fight their battles while they cower in deep mountain bunkers. Some have even lied to their constituency not only to pursue the direct murder of a tyrant falsely accused of the 9/11 tragedies but to proffer their clan members an opportunity to amass mass quantities of wealth… blood money.

I do not think that the USA would have gone to war with Iraq had Al Gore been president during the horrific attacks on the Trade Centers and the Pentagon; I doubt that he’d have made such an illogical yet megalomaniacal connection between Iraq and those horrific acts of terrorism, but I’m really sure that Hillary Clinton would have made war the last possible option for national security. She’d have seen her daughter in every female warrior and would have reluctantly put her into harms way; Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t, probably couldn’t, think of any warrior as an expendable but necessary casualty of war.

Personally, I prefer Venus to Mars when it comes to national leadership, especially when the United States of America possess THE most effective weapons of mass destruction. We don’t need another petulant boy as the Commander and Chief supervising such an effective and efficient tool for planetary annihilation.

I can only ineffectively imagine the total deflation and anger of a warrior who learns in retrospect that she committed murder simply because her leader, one insecure man, was looking to ensure the romanticized, mythological, militarily decorated legacy of a beloved historical war hero instead of the doddering, privileged knight’s errant who callously demanded the lives of thousands of troops and then silently evanesced with his tail between his legs into a background of obscurity cluttered with depressing self-portraits of incompetence. As a woman, Hillary Clinton will make a great president simply because she has not only given life but has developed and positively influenced her lovely daughter. She is also reluctantly capable of taking the lives of people with whom she shares no emotional connection save the bonds of human connectivity; she’ll make nation-nurturing decisions deliberately because she understands the interweaving relationship, the weft and warp, between Life and Death.

Peace Through Music
Rusty Taylor
June 29, 2016


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