Lyrics – James


In my mind I’m going to Mexican beaches sun-bathed sweetness,
and my mind sees silver suns, geese in flight, dogs that bite,
messages to a friend… all in my mind.

In my mind I see Karen’s sun glowingly reaching, kindly teaching,
a tender stretch for a sign: sky’s ablaze, fire and rain, smoking wings,
raven sings, shattered schemes, diamond rings stoking my dreams.

Senorita with her eyes on fire drinks sweet red wine by ember fire,
slow times when the sun’s sinking low, tumbling waves smile for yesterday.

In your mind you’ve shared your dreams: steam-rolling mem’ries,
mind-blowin’ free, way down where the sun’s so hot you forgot
to go home. Time to go dream alone… on the line… hours of time-
broken pieces.

Music by Lyle Mays © 1982
Lyrics by Rusty Taylor © 2012


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