Lyrics – Rhythm-a-ning


Yesterday in the rain, misty fog obscured my pain,
portending delusion, embracing confusion.
Ominous slate-gray clouds rumbled through uncertain crowds
of people believing in baneful deceiving,
unruly possession uniting aggression,
attempting to fashion an adverse reaction against you.
Delightful rising sun peaking through the misty dun
expresses elation above degradation.

[I] wait for you to arrive, happy just to be alive,
embracing the sublime; I’m walking on sunshine.
Noticing butterflies fluttering through amber skies,
I’m dreaming of winning a brand new beginning,
a fresh start to fashion a lasting compassion,
creating a reason to follow each season loving you.
Tomorrow it may rain. I don’t care; I’m, not to blame.
I’m feeling the wind blow while watching a rainbow.

Composition by Thelonius Monk © 1957
Lyrics by Rusty Taylor © December 22, 2014


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