Excessively Fortuitous

Smug opulence lives in brownstone Manhattan splendor
prearranged through gilded paternal guilt…
Prodigally loses money thawing the ice empire
her great-grandfather built…
Bibulously binges rainbow-garnished potables
as white-crested emerald waves
impassively shroud soporific sandy shores…
Fastidiously polishes vintage automobiles
safely stowed in crystalline storage…
Politicizes rote, bullying oratory to appear similarly dissimilar
while haughtily goading specious sponsorship…
Contemptuously leeches a meager million pecuniary affluences
from family’s ill-gotten heritable hubris,
but indifferently ignores the xeno-exploitation
that veritably constructed her auriferous illusory empire
by pompously ascribing its creation to duplicitous soloistic virtuosity
and the sacrosanct acquiescence to capricious Capitalistic supplication…

Yet I, excessively fortuitous, am conferred by celestial jurisprudence
a thaumaturgic introspection enkindled by helio-glowing vitalism
shining through the swirling cloudscape hung upon churning horizon—
a burning orange-ember sunset quickened with crepuscular suspiration
delineated within modest borders of pane-filled crystalliferous fenestration,
forging ferrous-alloyed philosophy from malleable imagination.

Russell (Rusty) Allen Taylor
Thanksgiving 2015


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